About us

  1. Who we are:

Radio Sagardwip FM 99.2 is the first ever community radio based at the center of Hatiya Island in Noakhali district. Radio Sagordwip has started its journey in the year of 2013 and established with the patronization of social development organization, Dwip Unnayan Songstha (DUS).

Radio Sagardwip has been officially inaugurated on 12 November 2015 by the Honorable Minister of Home affairs in Bangladesh & local parliament member, Secretary of Information Ministry, Country Representative of JICA and President of BHN Association and local govt. representatives were present in the event. Radio Sagordwip, established with the patronization of social development organization, Dwip Unnayan Songstha (DUS) is currently being aired for 06 hours in a day from 9am to 12pm & 2pm to 5pm. Six core staffs and more than 10 volunteers are currently working for the station. According to a survey, nearly 2.5 lakh people listen to the community radio.

Radio Sagordwip has focused on the issues of disaster to provide relevant quality information and to gain confidence from the villagers with the aim of saving lives in disasters. The station is also providing news and information on agriculture, Health, Education and social safety net issues. Tool of empowering marginalized sections of station manager. The station is also providing news and information on agriculture, Health, Education and social safety net issues.  Above all different programs featuring songs, plays, literature, education and entertainment remain in the radio’s regular program schedule. Radio Sagordwip airs development news 6 times every day at 9.05 am Nijhumdwip News, 10.00 am Local & Weather News, 11.00 am BD Betar News at 7.00 am recoded News, 3 pm News Headline & 4.00 pm National, International, Sports, Local, Weather News. Most of the people of Hatiya are fishermen; they depend on fishing in deep sea for their livelihoods. The community radio Sagor Dwip is serving these people with information and programs related to entertainment, Disaster, Agriculture, Health, News, Local & weather forecasts

  1. Coverage Area:

The listeners ofRadio Sagordwip are 4, 50000 Total reach population (450000×40%) = 1, 80,000. Total Interaction – 3600. According to survey conducted by JICA, The Radiocoverage targeted over 0.450 Million/ 4.50 Lac of local people.


This radio was inaugurated withthe vision to ensure easy access to information for the island people. It playsan important role in disaster management, social awareness and capacitydevelopment of the local community on health, livestock, agro-fisheries,education and on other development issues. Radio Sagardwip is committed to addvalues in the field of socio-economic development of the residents of HatiyaIsland.


Radio Sagordwip will organizestrategically important activities, studies, and social advocacy so that thepopulation of the rural areas will have stress-free, manageable and low costcommunication facilities. As the Bangladesh sector body for the communitybroadcasting/Community Media sector, the Banglades Radio Sagordwip is committedto promoting access to the community media for rural people in Bangladesh.


Our objectives are to increase recognition of community radio and open- up community television and community film as an important delivery agent for local aspirations on increasing volunteering, education and employment opportunities; improving local accountability and democracy; reducing the digital divide through providing access to ICT and media production skills; and support and to increase the ability of the sector to respond to the needs of rural disadvantaged communities.

Core Values:

  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Cost effective service delivery
  • Human potential development
  • Sustainability programs of all levels
  • Woman and Development


1972 to 1985
  • The organization was founded by a group of devoted volunteers and began working for the victims of the Liberation War of 1971 and devastating 1970 cyclone affected households focusing on relief and recovery.
  • Relief and rehabilitation program for the victims and initiate disaster management program, and Rehabilitate the landless farmer into the Government. Khash land.
  • Turned into an organizational shape and named as Dwip Unnayan Sangstha.
  • Began Community Mobilization and providerevolving credit support to community.
  • Registered with Ministry of Social Services & Welfare.
  • Registered with NGO Affairs Bureau.
  • Registered with Family Planning Directorate under Ministry of Health to operate with health and family planning intervention.
  • Socio-economic development of the poor.
1986 to 2000
  • Strengthening Local Government bodies in the area of good governance, accountancy and resource management supported by IVS/ USAID.
  • Capacity building of Union Parishad and Upazila Parishad for effective disaster management in four coastal district supported by CARE-Bangladesh & USAID.
  • Island fisheries development project implementation supported by DFID.
  • Disaster rehabilitation support project implementation supported by AusAid/Oxfam-America/Oxfam-UK, Oxfam-Hong Kong under British ODA.
  • Construction of Cyclone shelter, supported by CAA Australia.
  • Housing support for poor, supported by British ODA/CARE-Bangladesh/AusAid.
  • Livestock development for poor, supported by DANIDA, CIDA.
  • Integrated Socio-economic development program supported by Oxfam-UK.
  • Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation for Cyclone in coastal islands supported by Oxfam-UK, British ODA, CARE-Bangladesh.
  • Livelihood Rehabilitation for Flood Affected Fisheries Households in Hatiya Island supported by DFID.
  • Flood 98 Rehabilitation program supported by DFID, Oxfam-GB.
2000 to 2010
  • Rehabilitation Support for Flood Affected Households at Hatiya Upazilla supported by DFID.
  • Disaster Management Project for Local Govt. Bodies in Coastal Districts supported by CARE-Bangladesh, USAID.
  • Sustainable Livelihood for Poor Islanders supported by Oxfam-UK.
  • Char Development & Settlement project supported by Netherland Govt. and GoB.
  • Restoration Program for Tidal Surge Affected People at Hatiya and Monpura Upazilla supported by CARE-Bangladesh.
  • Improvement of Health and Family Welfare supported by British ODA.
  • Non-formal primary education for Vulnerable Community supported by BRAC.
  • Water supply & sanitation project for Disaster Affected Community supported by DANIDA & GoB.
  • Livestock Development Project for Island Poor supported by DANIDA & GoB.
  • Human resource and skill development in Disaster Risk Reduction supported by Japanese Government.
  • Adarsha Gram development Project for Landless Poor supported by EC.
  • HIV-AIDS Prevention program for Vulnerable Community supported by UNICEF.
  • Relief & Rehabilitation for SIDR 2007 victims in Bhola and Pirojpur District supported by UNDP.
2011 till to Date
  • Rural Micro Credit, Urban Micro Credit, Micro Enterprise, Seasonal Loan, Ultra-poor, Agriculture support service for 50,000 HH in major Upazilas of Noakhali and Monpura Island with the partnership of PKSF.
  • Essential Health Service supported by Bangladesh NGO Foundation at Nizum Dwip at Hatiya Upazila.
  • Social and Livelihood Program under Char Development and Settlement Project- iv at Nolerchar of Chanondi Union of Hatiya Upazila supported by Netherland Govt. & GoB.
  • Setting up of Community Radio Station at Hatiya Island supported by JICA & BHN-Japan.
  • ENRICH a social Development Project for underserved women and children at Dhanshiri Union of Companigonj Upazila and Nizumdwip union of Hatiya Upazila.
  • SMART project a marginal and landless farmer development project towards socio economic development for 5000 HH.
  • LIFT project to enrich and upgrade community Radio Sagor Dwip program.
  • Market access program for the products of the beneficiaries and/or project clients through establishing value chain.
  • Livestock Risk Mitigation Program-LRMP
  • Bangladesh Rural Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Human Capital Development Program
  • Community Radio (Radio Sagordwip FM-99.2)

Core Values

Core values as preserved by DUS are:

  • Transparency and accountability
  • Cost effective service delivery
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Human potential development, and
  • Sustainability at all levels.

Networks with NGOs

SL.Name of Networking OrganizationPosition
1.Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio & Communication (BNNRC)Board of Trustree
2.Bangladesh Disaster Preparedness Centre (BDPC)Vice-Chairperson
3.Health and Social Action in Bangladesh (HASAB)EC Member
4.Network for Information, Response and Preparedness Activities on Disaster (NIRAPAD)EC Member
5.Association for land Reform & Development(ALRD)EC Member

Governance & Management

DUS’s internal control system is designed to get reasonable assurance about effectiveness and efficiency of operations, reliability of financial data and compliance of applicable rules, regulations and procedures. Management’s integrity, attitude, actions, and ethical values help raise consciousness control among the staff. DUS management believes that controls are important to achieve the objectives and to communicate its view to staff at all levels. Clear policies and procedures, documentation process, table of authority, segregation of staff duties, supervision and accountability have made the organization transparent. Considering the internal control a continuous process DUS periodically reviews and modifies the system in the changing circumstances. At the top of its control mechanism, there exists the willingness of DUS governing body to ensure internal control and transparency.

The governance structure of DUS promotes transparency and accountability. Its Executive Committee consists of highly distinguished professionals, activists and entrepreneurs, who are elected by the General Body and bring their diverse skills and experience to the governance of DUS. The governing body is assisted by an audit committee which aids in reviewing the financial condition of the organization, the effectiveness of the internal control system performance, and the findings of the internal and external auditors in order to recommend appropriate remedial action.

Internal and External Audit

DUS conducts an internal audit to assist management by providing independent advice on operations and performance and by assessing the effectiveness of internal control. In addition, periodic monitoring analysis using selected indicators to enable managers to determine whether key activities are being carried out as planned and whether they are having the expected impact on the target population.

DUS Executive Committee (2020-2023)

DUS has an Executive Committee of 7 members duly elected by the General Body for a period of three years.  DUS is represented by its Executive Director who is the Member Secretary of the Executive Committee. ED and his core staff members are appointed by the board. Executive Director is treated as the Chief Executive of the organization. The Executive Director is the overall authority to implement the projects and programs on behalf of the Executive Committee.

Name Designation Address Cell no.
A .H.M Bazlur Rahman Chairman House-2/14, iqbal Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka  +880-1711-881647
A.J.M Golam Robbani Vice Chairman House # 172, Green Road, Kolabagan, Dhaka +880-1816-529752
Md. Azharul Islam Secretary Apaprtment A-1, house-194, Road-05, Mohammodi housing, Dhaka-1207 +880-1711-238955
Md.Siraj Uddin Treasurer House-13/1/8,Moholla-Shaymoli, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1205 +880-1716-253443
Jinnat Ara Ferdous Monica Member 23 Ser-Shah Suri Road (kathpotti), block-D, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207 +880-1772-571895
Rasheda Ishrat Member 2, Flat B/5, Lane-02, Mirpur, Dhaka. +880-1704-893220
Aminur Rasul Member House # 12/1/1, Road No-02, Shyamoli, Dhaka-1207 +880-1711-583958


DUS had earned numerous recognition through its arduous struggle for many years; some of them are as follows:


Poribesh Award 2014: On the eve of celebrating World Environment Day DUS has been awarded with Divisional Award in 2014 by Directorate of Environment, Govt. of Bangladesh for contribution in environment conservation and pollution control in the coastal district of Bangladesh.


Mother Teresa Award 2014: DUS had been awarded with Mother Teresa Award-2014 on the eve of celebrating Bengali New Year Day 1422, as recognition of its excellent humanitarian service towards mankind since 1972 onward. The award was handed over to Mr. Rafiqul Alam ED, DUS by Justice Jaynul Abedin, Bangladesh Supreme Court in a colorful ceremony on 12 April 2015 at Maitree Auditirium of Mukti Bhaban, Dhaka. The special guests in the occasion was Dr. Md. Shajahan, Secretary General of Bangladesh Human Rights Bureau and Lt. General Harun ur Rashid (BP) former Chief of Staff of the Bangladesh Army.


M.A.G Osmani Award-2015: For the cause of special humanitarian assistance in our great liberation War during 1971, Freedom Fighter Md. Rafiqul Alam ( ED,DUS) has been awarded with MAG Osmani Award -2015 by 1952,s Language Movement Group. Lion Shamsul Huda language movement activist handed over the award to Mr. Alam in a colorful ceremony.

Kazi Nazrul award 2015: In the eve of celebrating National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam birth day, DUS has been awarded with National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam Award-2015 as recognition of excellent social service in disaster response in the underserved coastal community of Bangladesh.

Sher-e-Bangla award 2015: DUS has been awarded with Sher-e-Bangla award 2015 for Social Service in the eve of celebrating 44 years of National Independence Day. The award was handed over to Principal Enamul Haque , Chairperson DUS by Justice Amirul Kabir Chowdhury in a colorful ceremony on 20 March 2015 at the Bangladesh Supreme Court Bar Association.